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End party, the first meeting is an opportunity for officials and employees of the company to meet and discuss the work done during the past year and the goals, planned for next year. After a year of hard work, it is essential that officials and employees of the Company wishes to be a party with a fun atmosphere, excitement and escape from everyday work pressure. 

Usually New Year parties, the first meeting of the company was organized by trade union. However, many companies do not have enough ability to organize because of time constraints, and scarce ideas for the party. On the other hand, if the company in order to hire sound equipment, lighting, stage, tables and chairs .... then the cost will be very expensive due to no knowledge of prices in the market. In addition, the party organized by the trade unions can lead to boredom for those who join the party because there was little change, or repetitive as the previous year's program.



tiệc tất niên phạm gia

The solution is made for companies, such as leasing companies external event to the idea and implementation of the program. Thus, the company will save time, costs and personnel that there is a program every year, the first meeting meaningful and professionally.

APT Travel company, has many years of experience in organizing the New Year party, first met. You will not spend much time and effort in to rent sound and lighting equipment, furniture, canvas .... You do not need to worry about eating for more than 100, 200.300 or 1000 ... . people. You also do not need to worry much about the amount of entertainment at the party or to run down, run down the party when people are eating fun .... All will be staff of the company we up the script, staging and preparation from start to finish. You only need to attend as guests and enjoy the party atmosphere.


tiệc cuối năm


Please contact us for a unique program, impressive and professional. APT Travel company, chuyencung HR - equipment Event, provide costumes - props performances, providing unicorn and dancers performed.





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Inter New Year – First year meeting

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