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Khách sạn Dara Reang Sey Angkor

13.614.000 VND
Hotel rating:
star star star
Address National road6, Phum Chong Kaosua, Chong Kov Sou - Bus Station, Xiêm Riệp , Campuchia
Location: Tiếng Việt (Việt Nam) Tiếng Việt (Việt Nam) Siem Reap - Cambodia
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Ms. Do Thi Thu
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Travel Map
Images Room types Number of guests Number of beds Type of promotion Rate Number of booked rooms Reservation
Adults Children Double beds Single beds
Phong Superior
2 0 0 2
13.614.000 VND
129572_110321095235428_TMB.jpg 129572_110509175519891_STD.jpg 129572_110623161546010_STD.jpg 129572_090211151300348049_TMB.jpg
129572_0905191717001104306_STD.jpg 129572_0905191717001104307_STD.jpg 129572_0905191717001104309_STD.jpg 129572_1008231154003229088_TMB.jpg
129572_1210181655007777565_STD.jpg 129572_1210181655007777571_STD.jpg 129572_1210181655007777572_STD.jpg 129572_1210181655007777573_STD.jpg
129572_1210181655007777575_STD.jpg 129572_1210181655007777576_STD.jpg 129572_1210181655007777577_STD.jpg 129572_1210181655007777580_STD.jpg
129572_1210181655007777581_STD.jpg 129572_1210181655007777586_STD.jpg 129572_1210181655007777587_STD.jpg 129572_Main.jpg
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Khách sạn Dara Reang Sey Angkor

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